General Gymnastics

Our General Gymnastics Classes introduce gymnasts to varied disciplines in gymnastics, including apparatus work, Acrobatics and Tumbling. We cater for 3 levels including, beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Sessions are FUN filled and develop children’s core strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance which underpins all gymnastics skill. Children will work towards the British Gymnastics Core proficiency badges which will help progress their skills at the right speed for their age and level, and some even progress to beginner level competitions. Our classes cater for 4 3/4 + years,  for boys and girl.

All our general class run out of the new facility The Base Gymnastics and Fitness Centre, Unit 8 Weldon Road Industrial Estate, Weldon Rd, Loughborough, LE11 5RN. Class options below.

Please note our general gymnastics classes are in huge demand and as a result the club currently has a waiting list for all classes. If you would like to add your details to our waiting list please fill out the form on our Waiting List page and we will contact you soon as any new spaces become available and then allocate spaces on a first come first served basis.


Monday 4.15-5.15pm (5-9yrs)
Tuesday 4-5pm (5-9yrs)
Wednesday 4-5pm (5-9yrs)
Thursday 4.30-5.30pm (5 -9yrs)
Thursday 5.30-6.30pm (9-14 years)
Friday 4.15-5.15pm (5-9 years)
Friday 5.15-6.30pm (6-12 years)
Saturday 9am-10.15am (5-8 years)
Saturday 2pm – 3:15pm (5-8 years)

If your child is turning 5 within the next 3 months we would consider them for the 5-9 classes.


Tuesday 5.15-6.30pm (6-14yrs)
Wednesday 5:15-6.30pm (6-12yrs)
Friday 5.15-6.30pm (6-12yrs)
Saturday 9am-10.15am (6-12yrs)


General – All Levels

Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm (9+yrs)
Friday 6.30-7.30pm (9+yrs)
Saturday 2-3.15pm (9+yrs)



The first 2 sessions are pay as you go to give your child a couple of weeks to see if they enjoy it. After the initial 2 weeks fees are payable by monthly direct debit as follows:-

1 hour class (£20p/m – £5.85 per hr); 75 min class (£22 p/m, £6.43). Prices are based on an operational year of 41 weeks, spread over 12 even monthly payments (it therefore takes into account periods when the club is shut). You can cancel your direct debit at any time through your members account, but once cancelled you will be giving up your child’s place for the following month. Responsibility is with the member to cancel their monthly DD, the club will not offer refunds where DD are not cancelled. Please also note that refunds will not be given to any membership cancelled part way through a payment month.

All our general classes in the most part run in line with Leicestershire school half term blocks. Full term dates can be found on our notice board and website throughout the year.

Other fees:

After the first 2 weeks pay as you go sessions there is a annual club membership fee of £27 which includes British Gymnastics Insurance (£17 of the fee 2017-18) cover which all our members must have. The insurance year runs September-September and the cost is generally not reduced by BG as the year progresses, so the full fee will still be due even if joined part way through the membership year. The clubs membership fee reduces by 50% from 1st April each year to £5 instead of £10. As club members you will receive reductions to our standard hourly rate of £6, the clubs proficiency awards and stamps, and all members will receive a progress diary to use in their weekly sessions.